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Focused on giving individuals and enterprises the best water & energy solutions.

What do we offer?

Water conservation program.

• Rain Water / Collection of surface, measurement and storage & treatment
• Water reuse / Evaluation, measurement and separation greywater for re-use
• Surface & Ground water / Evaluation and optimization end users cost analysis
• Potable & Waste water treatment plants / Evaluation and optimization assessments
• Atmospheric Water Sources / Sustainable technologies & environmentally friendly
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Water Era is a young company that has the knowledge of more than 23 years of experience in various industries, focused on the optimization of water treatment systems and processes, operational resilience, the operation and maintenance of water plants and the conservation of this valuable resource.

Our Vision:

Being an integrated services company on the management and use of water resources, focused on innovation and implementation of new sustainable technologies, cost effective and friendly to the environment.

Our Mission:

Is to change the way of uses different sources water. Using our advanced technology solutions and analysis water consumption are able to better communicate with their consumers about the value of water, how their water use compares to others, and how they can save money.   These capabilities contribute to more resilient water systems that benefit customers, the present and future generations and the environment.

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